• 248-2341

    Hand colored copper engraving, map of Abyssinia, central Africa, with a special section highlighting the Congo region, Abissino Rum Sive, 340X488Mercator, c. 1595

    Start Price: $200

  • 248-2308

    Bronze artifact in the shape of two ibex heads, Luristan 10th-8th c. BCE

    Start Price: $180

  • 248-2284

    Lalique glass bowl, leaf pattern, hallmarked,
    diameter 31 cm

    Start Price: $350

  • 248-2251

    Oil on canvas, a town in France, signed, 46X65Adlen Michel 1898-1980

    Start Price: $600

  • 248-2136

    Silver bracelet with amber cabochon, 24,4 gm

    Start Price: $75

  • 248-2086

    French pocket watch, gold case, enamel panel, back with miniature painting, portrait of queen Marie Antoinette, double basil made of bahrain pearls

    Start Price: $875

  • 248-2078

    Wristwatch by Movado, Switzerland, 18k gold case and wristband, mechanism in need of repair, 31.6 gm net. Gold

    Start Price: $750

  • 248-2049

    His Master's Voice gramophone, in a wooden case, in working order

    Start Price: $280

  • 248-1526

    Tass ( shield for a small Sefer Torah), hand hammered silver work, lions with a shield, 75X124 mm

    Start Price: $180

  • 248-1515

    Pair of bronze vases inlaid with silver and copper, with the inscription "Mazal Tov" and fish, damascene work, height 16 cm

    Start Price: $450

  • 248-1498

    HaOlam HaMufla, three albums, album no' 1 (25 cards missing), album no' 2 (complete) and album no' 5 (many missing cards)

    Start Price: $75

  • 248-1405

    Hand colored engraving, publ. by W. Watls, London, Sept. 1.1803, showing the Via Dolorosa and Fort Antonia, 285x375

    Start Price: $60

  • 248-1157

    Roman bronze Sestertius coin, Vespasian 69-79 CE, obverse: head of Vespasian facing right, reverse: a weeping Judea seated beneath a palm tree and a Roman soldier to the left, VF

    Start Price: $500

  • 248-1042

    Bronze mirror, late Hellenistic era to early Roman era, 200 BCE, 10.5 cm in diameter

    Start Price: $180