• dtc-673

    Model of the Cenotaph to the jewish community in Fuerth, made of wood, on its base quotation from Psalms 79, the cenotaph is stationed where the jewish school used to be since 1986, model height 39 cmKanihiko Kato

    Start Price: $500

  • dtc-610

    Small desk, in Queen Anne style, light brown wood with three drawers, height 73, top 79X49 cm

    Start Price: $120

  • dtc-609

    Lage desk, florentine carving (damage), top 175X90, height 78 cm

    Start Price: $1200

  • dtc-570

    Two silver pitchers, Austria 1881, 407 and 544 gm

    Start Price: $650

  • dtc-547

    14K gold compact, appr 80 gm, (total weight including miror 103 gm)

    Start Price: $2300

  • dtc-515

    Pair of mocca cups, each with saucer and a sugar box, porcelain, by Thuns Studio, Czechoslovakia, with hebrew inscription from Song of Songs

    Start Price: $50

  • dtc-366

    Oil on canvas, interior of the Altneuschul synagogue in Prague, signed 23.5x33Epstein Jehudo 1870-1945

    Start Price: $1200

  • dtc-023

    Sfat Emet prayer book, Hebrew-English, with leather cover with a silver plaque, Bezalel, Jlm, 13X9.5X3.5 cm

    Start Price: $100

  • dtc-001

    Small ceramic tile showing Rachel's tomb, Bezalel Jlm, 1920's, 11X7.5 cm

    Start Price: $120