• 270-872

    Antique stoneware jug, South Germany, with pictures and description of three christian holy women: St. Barbara mit Turm, Margareth mit Wurm, Katherin mitn Radl, dos san drei Schoene Madl (these are three beautiful girls), jug was restored, height 27.5 cm

    Start Price: $1200

  • 270-761

    Saving box shaped like a soccer game, cast iron, height 14 cm, 19X9.5 cm

    Start Price: $40

  • 270-521

    18K white and yellow gold brooch shaped like a rose, marked 750, set with diamonds, appr 2 ct, round 2-3 pts, and baguettes 4-6 pts, length 5.5 cm, 28 gm

    Start Price: $1200

  • 270-154

    Bronze Chanuka lamp for oil, designed by Shaul Bar, signed, back with palm trees and a deer, 21X19 cm

    Start Price: $140

  • 270-123

    Oil on canvas, The Carmel , signed, 90X148Feingersh Oded b. 1938

    Start Price: $1200

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