• 238-364

    Israel 1948, Doar Ivri, 20 m grey and 20 m orange ungummed blocks of 9 stamps, imperf proofs for the "Hebrew Philatelist" cert by Muentz. Rare!

    Start Price: $100

  • 238-341

    Israel 1986, olive Branch beautiful undivided Double sheet with multiple errors as Background omitted -22 stamps, partly background omitted (7 stamps), heavy perforation shift, gutters with date In sheet margin. VF & extremely rare!!

    Start Price: $500

  • 238-316

    Israel Foreign Postal - cover sent from the JNF office in Geneve, franked with JNF Ussischkin label tied by bilingual JNF office cachet and upon arrival in Tel-Aviv was applied also tying label. The shipment from Geneva was flown to Israel by a hired HAGANA PLANE that landed TLV, 9 May 1948. The M. Ha'am post did not impose any extra charges as the labels were deemed acceptable franking. Cover opened, some stains and bend in the middle, VF & extremely rare!!

    Start Price: $300

  • 238-312

    Rishon Le Zion, 6 Apr. 1948 cover to TLV ( only 10 covers known) arrival pmk TLV 6 Apr. 1948 and 7 Apr. 1948 Mandate pmk. Bend in middle, few spots on stamp. VF & extremely rare date!!

    Start Price: $400

  • 238-310

    Rishon Le Zion, 40 m complete imperforated sheet of 10, 5 Apr. 1948, First Day pmk, original gum, toning, Ba $1500. VF & rare!!

    Start Price: $300

  • 238-288

    1948 NAHARIYA-INCOMING MAIL- cover from France to Nahariya bearing 3 French stamps cancelled, Paris 24.4.1948, charged upon arrival with11 mil Fed Nahariya municipality local delivery label stamp tied by black Minhelet Ha'am postmark Nahariya, cover creased, slightly stained, torn and repaired at bottom, uper half of cover back missing, certificate by Muentz. VF & extremely rare!!

    Start Price: $1800

  • 238-259

    Safed - 10 m local Second Printing cpl left types 4.5.&6 (two stps of each) VF strike of the local large two pmk 6 May 1948, FD of the pmk in Carmine, on back the black imprint ot type 1 from trial printing of Safed stationary cover, VF & Very RARE!

    Start Price: $1200

  • 238-248

    Jerusalem, 1948 siege cover, stampless from the besieged Mount Scopus in French "Via the Red Cross", with RED CROSS cachet and trilingual Israeli postmark Jerusalem1. to the main post office in the jewish part of Jerusalem arrival postmark 14.9.1948, Vertically creased in center with small tears on top, traces of brown glue & two rubbed spots at lower left. Certificate by Muentz, similar item sold a few years ago for $ 7440. VF & extremely rare!!

    Start Price: $3000

  • 238-245

    Jerusalem 1948 The OLD CITY 2nd "WALL" postmark, a cover brought from the old city Jewish quarter in May 1948, and then delivered by the Minhelet Ha'am post tying with 2X5 m 2nd Issue, at first it was cancelled in the Jewish quarter with the Abulafia second wall postmark, then it was brought to the new city, cancelled at the sorting office with the Rosette postmark as transit, VF & Rarity. Please see similar cover at Jerusalem & Safed Postal Services p. 210. VF & extremely rare!!

    Start Price: $1500

  • 238-243

    Jerusalem 10 mils OTSAR Ha"AM revenue stamp tied to cover addressed to Herzliya, by Israeli trilingual postmark Jerusalem 1. 21.7.1948 the item presumably went through the mail as other recorded examples of this franking were accepted in Tel-Aviv. Apart from a few trains in very good condition. VERY RARE as OTSAR Ha"AM revenues are very seldom offered as accepted for regular postage. Certificate by Y. Tsachor, as well as signed in pencil on reverse. Only a few recorded. VF & extremely rare!!

    Start Price: $800

  • 238-241

    Israel 1948 INTERIM JERUSALEM 3rd local issue brown "Gimel" full sheet of 20 MNH stamps # 0848, light gum faults on margins, bale cr $ 3250. VF & extremely rare!!

    Start Price: $600

  • 238-235

    Jerusalem Ottoman bank cover to Tel-Aviv with mixed franking of 3 mandate 2m pictorial and one 5 m of the 2nd local issue tied by 2 M. Ha'am pmk, Jerusalem, line dater 12 May 1948, certification by Muentz. VF & extremely rare!!

    Start Price: $500

  • 238-196

    1948 INTERIM YOKNEAM express genuine commercial cover addressed to Haifa, franked properly with Mandate 50 mils stp, tied by Yokneam black M. Ha'am pmk., few toning on stamp. VF & very scarce item as only 5 reg. letters sent in this period are known, estimated $1000 (see The postal History of the Transition Period in Israel vol I p. 407) VF & extremely rare!!

    Start Price: $400

  • 238-132

    Palestine Jerusalem 1906 registered cover to Germany, very nice franking!!

    Start Price: $80

  • 238-131

    Palestine Forerunners- Jewish Colonies: REHOVOT via Rischon L'Zion Par Poste, Autrichienne cachet clear strike blue-black on 20 PARA ovptd Austrian postcard via Jerusalem Oester 29.7.03 & arr pmk Jaffa Oester 30.7.03 on face. postcard bend in middle, still VF.

    Start Price: $260