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Thursday, 13.6.24 18:00
Jewelry, Silver Collectibles,  Banknotes and Coins, Judaica,  Israeliana and more

13.6.24 12:00-1600 or by appointment

The preview and auction will take place at the auction house

Address: Galgalei ha-Plada st. 16, Herzliya

What's in our auctions?

רימוני ספר תורה מכסף

Judaica and Silverware

נר שמן עתיק מחרס


מטבע זהב

Coins, Banknotes & Stamps

טבעת זהב עם ציור מיניאטורה


אגרטל קרמיקה ארץ ישראלי

Ceramics, Porcelain & Glass

ציור אישה יושבת


Want to sell with us?

Curious to know if your items are suitable for sale with us?
Or maybe you would like to know what their value is?

At the auction we sell items from the Old Land of Israel, ornaments and collectibles, art, archaeology, photographs, manuscripts, books, pens, jewelry, old banknotes and stamps, Judaica items, silverware, antique instruments, old games, small furniture and more.

You are welcome to contact us to check the suitability for sale or to evaluate the value of the items.

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